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5 `Alien/Entity' Reports in 2015 In Oregon VIA MUFON

Oregon becomes the forth state that I've done this MUFON database search - if you wish to read what other states have had submitted for 2015 - here's California to get you warmed up - dig into the sidebars for much more. Anyway.... Oregon has 5 reports and some pictures too - let's see if there is any more meat to these UFO submissions about aliens - than I found in the other states so far. Ready?
Report 1 - Gresham, Oregon - Two Orbs, Low Quality Report and Video Uploaded to YouTube and Found (MUFON had REMOVED the link) - Sighting was January 5th - many in the comments related UFO events in the same general area too.
Gresham UFO 1-5-2015 (see the comments)

The bottom line with report number one - NO alien or entity.
Report 3 - 6-17 Roseburg Oregon - Orb... then tall naked being on grounds full report shown below: Red is my emphasis.

It was about 1AM. I was at a friend's house and we decided to go outside for a while to relax and talk on her porch. A few of our other friend's decided to go out for a night swim in the pool. While we were talking, my friend noticed something rising from the mountain range, behind an elementary school that is directly behind her house. We all watched this bright, asprin-sized white/gold object rise and then stop. It stayed there for a while, and it looked like it dropped something a couple times. It got dimmer and then descended back down like a leaf floating slowly back in forth. My friend described it as looking like someone parachuting down. About 20 minutes later, my friend and I were talking about what we had just saw, but then heard our friend's drying off say to shut up. My friend had then asked why and the reply was that they saw someone walking through the field behind their backyard, near the school. As soon as I had heard that, I looked up and saw a strange, dark-looking figure walking very fast. It was almost as if they were gliding. At the time we thought it was just a random tweaker, but quickly noticed this figure was super tall and naked. Probably about 7ft tall. Those who were closer were whistling to get its attention, but it continued to walk with, as one described "it's very skinny arm wrapped around it's chest as if it was injured". She then called out to it, saying "hey, what are you doing?" As soon as she finished talking, the figure slowly turned our way, staring at all of us. My friend who had spoken out was the closest to the "thing" and yelled that it was not human, it had no face, and that it had no hair. Two of the three girls drying off in the yard ran up to my friend and I on the porch, and we all had a good stare down with the figure for about 5 seconds, until I said we should head inside. The figure was not saying anything, but just creepily staring, and it had made me feel not only scared, but uncomfortable. As each of us ran inside, we slammed the sliding glass door shut, and then realized one of the three girls in the yard was still out there, so we opened the door once again, letting her in. Before she came inside, she took one look back, and said she could still see it staring us down. We got her in, locked the door, shut and locked all windows in the house because we were afraid of it coming to the house, since it had just watched where we went. We went back to the door and opened it. The figure was gone. We then called the authorities, saying that we had saw someone naked walking in the elementary's field, behind her house. They did send someone out, but it took a good 10 to 15 minutes before they came. They did patrol the school, looking out into the field with their spotlight, but not for long. They had then left. We all went back outside on the portch, hoping to see it walk back so that we could see where it went and what exactly it was doing. We also wanted to see it again. We waited a good 20 minutes, but it did not come back, so we went back inside. One thing we all regret about that night was running inside so quickly because we did not get a picture or see where it had went. Now we all worry it will return back to her house. Especially since it knows now where they live.

Certainly a good tale for the campfire someday, right? And... other than being 7 feet tall and naked with no face and no hair (another state had a bald black being) - this figure is seemingly human in form I assume from these descriptions. Hmmm.
I was in bed. It was late. Two of my cats had decided, very unusually, to sleep tightly on either side of me.It's like they had an intuition that someone might try to take me away. I heard a very soft female voice, kind of metallic-sounding call my name. I said out loud "That sounds like someone said (my name). Then from ahead of me in my bedroom, a louder female voice said my name, then asked "Are you ready?" I said out loud "It must be the aliens." Then I said out loud "No, I'm afraid". (Apparently once they contacted me I had been aware on some level that I had met these aliens before, but I always thought it had been a dream, or I had forgotten.) But they came anyway. These women appeared in my bedroom. They wore what looked like white nurse uniforms with old-fashioned white nurse caps on, and they appeared to be dark haired and vaguely Asian human looking. I floated above the bed, and one of the nurses lay down between my cats where I was. The cats were apparently still asleep or immobile. The rest of the aliens who made themselves look like nurses, probably to lessen my fear, and I floated right through my bedroom wall. I think I was on a stretcher. I had some lost time, then I found myself walking with them inside a spaceship. I walked in a circle around a room in the ship. There were many aliens there,all appearing mostly human, who were looking at me. We stopped in front of a dark haired mostly human-looking man with long hair in little braids, like I used to wear my hair. He had light green skin and a large forehead but otherwise looked human. Suddenly my hair was in braids again and I laughed and said "I've got braids too."I felt friendly toward this alien man.I think they have the ability to take pictures out of your mind and make themselves and yourself appear different. Then more time was lost. When I woke, I was on a table with many of the nurses around it on both sides. There was a white balloon between my legs and off that end of the table the balloon was large. It felt like someone was having sex with me. When I saw the balloon I realized this was not a dream and that this must be an abduction experience.I think the male alien was inside the balloon, almost like a whole body condom. Afterward, I asked one of the nurses "What just happened?" She said "What did you want to happen?" I said I wanted a baby. She said you'll get your wish. I asked if humans would notice I was pregnant. She said no, except for Thursday. She said it's called The Great Stink and that my house would stink. I felt at ease with these aliens as if they were my friends and I'd known them a long time. I think the man with the braids was who impregnated me, but it was not his true appearance. I went through menopause 4 years ago but am on hormone replacement therapy. I never had a child, but I had a thought come into my head a few days previously that if there was a way to reverse menopause I wouldn't mind having a baby.In what I thought was a dream, once, aliens told me that I was the only human who was able to receive messages they sent telepathically, and that they sent ten to twenty a day, but that I only received a few of them. I think they put that thought into my head, that I wanted a baby.We talked some more then I blacked out, then I felt myself being lowered onto my bed, right between the still-sleeping cats. I rolled over and went to sleep and remembered everything in the morning. One month later, on August 16th, I saw a red laser beam light on the pillow next to mine. I trembled with fear and said no, please go away don't come. But after a few minutes of lost time, two alien women came into my bedroom. They walked through the outside door, just through it. When they showed up I felt no fear and felt they were my friends that I already knew. They said they were here to give me an exam. This time they did not try to hide their appearance. One was a grey alien and one looked almost human but she had larger than normal eyes and a high forehead. They put a rubber tube around my left arm and asked if I'd been taking vitamins and hadn't taken any "anesthesias" I think they meant drugs. I said yes I'd followed their instructions. I asked the human-looking one if she was 3/4 human and 1/4 alien and she said yes, 3/4 white. I asked if that's what the baby would be and she said yes. I said "I like that look it's very attractive." They were very friendly to me and after a few minutes, they noticed me looking at the grey alien a little bit afraid and suddenly they appeared to be wearing hoodies. I must confess that after the first remembered abduction I had read on the internet that the grey aliens were doing a breeding program and hybrids were supposed to seed the Earth soon. I had asked them does this mean they were able to reverse menopause and they didn't answer. There are other details but I'm getting tired of typing and I'm not sure I haven't said too much already. I have had some signs of pregnancy but so far no positive pregnancy test. I want to get an ultrasound but my doctor would think I was crazy if I asked. Can MUFON help me get an ultrasound? I would be 5-6 weeks pregnant now and according to the internet they come for the fetus after 9 to 11 weeks and implant it in a female hybrid. I want proof that I'm pregnant and they are going to show me the baby after it is born but I want proof that this isn't just me imagining the whole thing. Please contact me. I just woke from a nightmare that government agents were coming to talk to me and that they may not like the aliens. I want to stress that I'm always terrified at first of the aliens, but that after they show up I'm at ease and that they've always been very kind to me and friendly. I like them and I think they are benevolent and only want to help mankind and at the same time save their dying race so hybrids are a great solution.Please contact me soon.
Report 5 - 7-27 Junction City Oregon - full short report below - NO aliens or entity.

Driving. I saw a huge white blimp looking thing out the window. That was my initial thought, of course. It remained hovering. It was just under the clouds, but there were only a few clouds in the sky. It was against the blue. It was completely feature less. I pointed it out to my brother. Then we watched in confusion as it disappeared over the horizon at unbelievable speeds. It was almost above me and almost gone in five seconds.
Oregon UFO was BANNED by Google for weeks .... only appeals brought it back.

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