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2014 Oregon UFO Update

It's proving to be impossible to sort all the UFO reports on any ongoing basis - but a simple MUFON search has given me the last (most recent) UFO reports to MUFON in 2014 of events that occurred in Oregon. The last 50 reports have been submitted since just March 19th of this year (some reports are of previous events in Oregon, of course) - I will try to bring some of the highlights and flow below. Thanks for being a reader - please support the State UFO blogging series - (more links in the sidebar). 
2014 Oregon UFO Pictures
A man in Gresham, has several of the last 50 reports - claims that while flying his remote control airplane that he caputures UFO/Orbs - I have watched one of his more recent videos and wasn't impressed so far. I will bring just SOME of his links and locations, etc.
big claims are made by this submitter repeatedly - I've read some later reports and he says he has edited highlights on YouTube (I will look for them). As I said, he makes repeated uploads and more to MUFON since March. A bit more from him...
To say the least this is a strange way to collect UFO/orb video - I did read in his latest upload description that he is now `calling' the UFOs(orbs) when he does this... maybe you have the time with the above videos to send a comment or two.
who knows, seems like less than conclusive daytime shots

I checked out this 1 minute video, only blinks a couple times but is unusual and reminds me of others I've seen including a famous one in Pittsburgh Three River Stadium years ago - 1979 Live TV

(on 4/6 no indication of exact location)

I had been meditating earlier just to communicate with such objects and give thanks to the 'Great Spirit' for all the Great Spirit provides. Once I observed the object, I thanked the object for the visit and wished for further visits. I humbly, respectfully with unconditional love, had requested a 'fly over' from the GFL. The GFL has always honored my requests, and this is not the first request made to the GFL, it is just at this sighting, I was ready with camera(s) and conditions were clear.
The photographs I submit are three out of over 80 photographs.
(big big file, didn't look at video but description indicates in moved across sky)

it's an interesting photo, that said, nothing was seen in 4 of 5 pictures, orbs, have been known to hang out by Chemtrail lines

2013 Oregon UFO Pictures
of course, lanterns don't shoot into the sky
High Strangeness?
quite a read, possible missing time
MORE 2014 UFO Stuff?
on 3/26, pics submitted that I saw nothing in

(an excerpt)
 Upon approach, It became obvious that there were in fact two lights of the same color; side by side. I would guess they were two lights on one vehicle. I came to the Main st. stop sign and watched. The lights passed directly over my car. Watching through the T-tops of my Trans Am, I then opened my door and stuck my head out. It was extremely quiet with only a wispy / static / electrical type hissing sound. It was subtle, and almost inaudible. It was then, that I could see a ring; a halo right dead center of the two lights. I was looking at the under-belly of this object. The ring was barely noticeable and not illuminated. It just looked grey in comparison to the night sky, and the bright white/blue lights flanking the ring. It passed over very slowly and deliberately. I got the sense this was close to the ground; closer than an airplane on approach anyway. I could see no outline of a craft, which makes me think the object was black.
much like the `hanging jetliners' that have been seen

From Amazon
speaking of strange

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